Sockers Indoor Center
League Rules

Professional Arena Soccer League rules will be used which can be downloaded from with the following exceptions:

  1. Games are 22 minute halves.

  2. Tied game will remain a tie except in playoffs. If game is tied in a playoff game, three players shootout will be used and if still tied golden goal shootout will determine winner.

  3. Open roster. You may add a player to your roster at any time except for playoff game. If there are playoffs in any division and in order for a player to qualify to play in a playoff game, he or she must have checked in for a minimum of two games during the season.

  4. No Sliding will be allowed except in Men’s Pro Division only. In Men’s Pro, players may slide to score a goal, save a goal, keep ball in play but they are not allowed to slide tackle or make contact with another player.

  5. Penalty – the player receiving the card will have to serve the penalty including goal keepers. Any player receiving a blue or yellow card must serve the penalty and the team will be short handed for two minutes. If a player receives a red card, the team is short handed for five minutes; the red carded player must vacate the premises.

  6. COED – Three touch for men and unlimited touch for women. Women goals are two points. Maximum of three men on the field.

  7. Time out – one per game.

  8. Point System: Win = 3, Tie = 1, Loss = 0

  9. For seeding purposes and in the event two or more teams are tied with same points, the following system will be used: 1) head to head, 2) goals against, 2) goals for, 4) coin flip.

  10. Head to Head Tie Breaker Rule – 1) head to head results, 2) head to head goal differential, 3) most wins in a division, 4) goals against in a division, 5) goals for in a division, 6) coin flip.

  11. Forfeits – If a team forfeits a game, the team will lose 2 points from standings. Exception, if the team completes a half or referee calls the game. Forfeit games will be recorded as 10 – 0.

  12. Re-Schedule – There will be $50 rescheduling fee and at least a three day notice is required.

  13. All games will start on time. After two minutes, if a team does not have the required minimum of players to start the game, then the opposing team will be awarded 1 goal. After 4 minutes, and additional goal will be awarded, and after five minutes the game will be forfeited.

  14. Referee fees and player cards must be turned in before the start of the game.

  15. No spitting on the field. Referee may issue a two minute.